Adult Single Membership

ONLINE REQUEST: Please complete the form below and submit to be reviewed by the Board of Directors. A check or money order for $1200 ($750 initiation fee + $450 Membership dues) must be mailed to complete this application.MAIL IN REQUEST: Click here to download the ADULT SINGLE MEMBERSHIP Application, print it out, complete it and mail or bring it to the Beverly Hills Tennis Club. Please enclose a check or money order for $1200 with your application ($750 initiation fee plus $450 annual dues).Application for membership is tendered and processed by applicable sections of the Beverly Hills Tennis Club by-laws. A Club member Sponsor and Board of Director Sponsor are both necessary to apply.Before the Sponsor submits the membership application, he/she is responsible for the applicant playing as a guest at BHTC a minimum of three (3) times.Completion and submission of an application does not extend or confer acceptance on the part of the Beverly Hills Tennis Club. Applicants elected to membership are moved from the waiting list to active membership as openings occur.

Online Adult Single Membership Application - $450